PfP igloo Complaints Handling Procedure



If you have any initial complaints, you will need to formally direct these through your sales agents. Your agents will try to deal with your complaint directly, but should they be unable to provide a suitable response, PfP igloo will be contacted.

Post sale

Your home is a bespoke, hand-made product, and whilst all reasonable endeavours are made to deliver a defect-free home there may be a requirement for remedial and repair works and replacement of defective items after you have purchased the home. PfP igloo will provide a Customer Services operation to deal with these items, details of this can be found within your Home User Guide.

If you believe the Customer Services response is inadequate, your initial complaints should be made formally to PfP igloo. You will be able to obtain inital contact details for PfP igloo through the sales agents.

PfP igloo Complaints Policy

PfP igloo is committed to provide customers with a high standard of products and service, so please let us know if you feel we fall short of this.

This policy will help you to:-

  • Issue a complaint
  • Ensure it is addressed in a reasonable and timely manner
  • Ensure you are satisfied with our response

How to Issue a complaint -

You can issue a formal complaint by sending an e-mail or letter to:-

Rachel Hopwell
PfP igloo Ltd
Birkin Building,
2 Broadway,
Lace Market,

Your complaint will need to include the following information:-

  • Your full name
  • Your contact details including email and telephone number
  • The nature of your complaint – please try to give as much detail as possible.

We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 5 working days of receipt; within this response we will tell you:-

  • How your complaint has been dealt with or why it could not be addressed
  • What happens next

Please note complex issues may take some time but we will keep in contact and let you know where we are up to. We will endeavour to have all complaints dealt with within an 8-week timeframe.

Escalating complaints

Ideally we will resolve your complaint quickly and completely – however if you are not satisfied with our response, higher management can review your case further.

If your complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with through the customer care team you can escalate your problem to:-

  • The Project Development Director
  • The Chief Executive

Contact details for these will be made available by our agents.

NHBC Dispute Resolution Scheme

If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with within a reasonable amount of time, or that you are not satisfied with the final outcome, NHBC offer a dispute resolution scheme.

NHBC’s main number is 0344 633 1000, which is available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.30 and 17.30.

NHBC may refer your complaint to the Consumer Code’s Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme. More details can be found within the Consumer Code, a copy of which you will have received within your reservation pack.

N.B. The use of this complaints procedure or the dispute resolution scheme does not affect your normal legal rights.